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/The energy storage project cooperated by Leizhenzi Energy Storage Company and our company was officially put into operation

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The energy storage project cooperated by Leizhenzi Energy Storage Company and our company was officially put into operation

On November 29, 2023, the groundbreaking 15MWh energy storage project, a collaboration between Xuancheng Leizhenzi Technology Co., Ltd. and its partner company, celebrated its official commencement of operations. This significant milestone was marked by a grand grid connection ceremony held at 11 a.m. at the project site, following nearly six months of diligent efforts in project filing, approval processes, equipment installation, and commissioning.

The ceremony witnessed the presence of esteemed leaders from the development zone authorities, Honeycomb Energy Storage Company, and Leizhenzi Energy Storage Group. Notably, Comrade Xu Wuqing, the chairman of the partner company, graced the event, underscoring the project's importance to all parties involved.

This venture represents a leap forward in energy storage technology, featuring an advanced, highly integrated, and intelligent container energy storage system. It encompasses cutting-edge components such as an intelligent Energy Management System (EMS), thermal management system, and fire protection system. These elements combine to ensure the system's efficiency and safety.

Projected to generate approximately 8.75 million kilowatt-hours of sustainable electricity annually, the project is set to revolutionize how companies manage their energy needs. It aims to achieve peak shaving and valley filling for corporate electricity consumption, substantially reducing electricity costs. Moreover, the initiative is expected to cut carbon emissions by about 5,100 tons annually, contributing significantly to environmental conservation efforts.

Additionally, the project addresses the critical issue of power shortages during peak consumption periods, offering a reliable power supply that can sustain the region's development needs without compromising on environmental values.

The successful launch of this 15MWh energy storage project not only stands as a testament to the fruitful cooperation between Leizhenzi Technology Co., Ltd. and its partner company but also paves the way for future innovations in the energy sector, marking a significant step towards sustainable and efficient energy management.

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